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Multi-illumination e-Passport reader. Contactless reader


LSR-9006 Pro is a full page, multi-illumination e-Passport reader. Contactless reader It provides perfect solutions for scanning passport, e-passport, visa and other Electronic Documents and Paper Documents, ISO14443 TYPE A / B / C and NFC smart card, which make it can be applied to variety of industries. The device has an NXP brand RFID reader chip. RFID reading speed is 848 Kbps. Supports 3DES, DES, RSA, AES, DSA, and ECDSA crypto algorithms. · LSR-9006 Pro : Horizontal platform Epassport Reader; · Supports compatibility of ICAO9093 standard Part1-4 specification documents and efficient OCR recognition capabilities · High speed RFID reader, reading and writing speed <5s (depending on card); · With a variety of light sources visible light, infrared light, ultraviolet light, a variety of light source image acquisition, easy to identify the reality of various licenses;Akıllı telefonlardan, tabletlerden, akıllı saatlerden ve belgelerden 1D / 2D barkodları okur; · It can be easily controlled: it can be triggered automatically; · Upgradeable Firmware Support, SDK (C ++, C #, .Net) is offered.

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