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280KG ZL Magnetic Maglock Bracket


This 180KG 280Kg Z & L Style Magnetic Lock Bracket for Access Control System is required to be paired with magnetic locks for in-swing door applications. Our Lock Bracket are special aluminum, firm and durable. Bracket ensure the magnet remains on the protected side of doors, the best choice of access control. Magnetic locks are excellent for low, medium and high traffic areas, such as offices, convenience stores, building entrances and exits. 1. It is made of two parts and it is used on the inward door. 2. 180ZL/280ZL/350ZL/500ZL/750ZL are for your choice. 3. High Strength Aluminum is the main constitute.Special Aluminum, Firm and Durable.Special Design, Suitable with all kinds of Doors.The Best Choice of Access Control.

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